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880 Crestmark Drive, Suite 200, Lithia Springs, GA 30122

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Dr. Lisa Ortenzi Challenges You To "Put the ME Back in WoMEn"!

Feeling like you put yourself last? Kids fed, lunches made, drop-off, pick-up, please the boss, call the loved ones, shop and then drop. I am convinced this is a skill all women have. It makes us successful at work, loved by our kids, parents, spouses and friends. What happened to loving yourself? Part of loving yourself is taking care of yourself, your health, your physical being.

This year, make a commitment to put yourself first when it comes to your health. All women need a yearly examination by their gynecologist. This generally includes a breast exam, pelvic exam, Pap smear, blood pressure, pulse and urinalysis. Blood testing may also be included when necessary.

Beyond the physical exam, your gynecologist will discuss the importance of a self-breast exam monthly, diet, exercise and other preventative health issues. When applicable, family planning, prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, infertility, bleeding problems, menopause, osteoporosis, leakage of urine, and other GYN complaints will be addressed.

As women, we are very fortunate that many abnormalities and diseases can be detected early. Specifically, this is true of many of the female cancers, including cervical cancer, that can be prevented by frequent Pap smears. Uterine cancer can be prevented by thorough evaluation of abnormal bleeding problems, and ovarian cancer that can be detected early by a thorough pelvic exam. Another early detection test is a careful breast exam followed by a mammogram when appropriate. It is well established that early detection can prevent serious complications and even often lead to a cure.

I am always surprised by excuses I hear from women as to why they do not have their annual physicals. The excuse that "I have finished having my kids and don't feel I need any more physicals", is incorrect for the reasons already stated above. Another common excuse is "I feel fine, why do I need to see a doctor?" Unfortunately, by the time someone does have symptoms of a breast problem or a GYN problem, then it is much harder to treat.

The only valid excuses I think are "I just don't like the exam" and "I don't have time". We can all relate to that. Care is usually taken to make the exam less uncomfortable. There is a commitment by clinicians to make these as compassionate and comfortable as possible. We don't want to drive you away. That would be defeating the purpose of yearly check-ups. Now with the regard to "time" argument, like everything in life, you must make the time. Time spent in prevention will save time later, as well as a lot of heartache.

Therefore, I challenge you to make a commitment to putting your health first so that you can be there for everyone else. Serving West Atlanta for over 25 years, Douglas Women's Center is here to help you keep your commitment by providing safe, sensitive, satisfying care from a patient's first gynecological exam through her senior years. Our providers include four physicians, Lisa Ortenzi, MD, Kimberly Kuncl, MD Vidya Soundararajan, MD; and Sholah Pittman, MD; a midwife, Sara Gorham, CNM as well as a nurse practitioner, Lew-ann Parham, RNC, WHNP. Beyond routine well-woman care, our practice offers hormone studies, mammography, state-of-the-art ultrasound, incontinence evaluation, infertility studies, artificial insemination, laser treatments, colposcopy as well as hysteroscopy. We also offer complete obstetrical care including in-house ultrasounds with video, fetal monitoring, glucose testing, amniocentesis and breast feeding classes. For an appointment, please call 770-941-8662. By Lisa Ortenzi, MD